Yeti, which is known for its high-quality coolers, has become known as a mass-market consumer company. With a flagship store in Austin, Texas, the company has started opening stores across the country, so its brand is more readily available and with the goal to “immerse customers in the brand.”

The Yeti brand now includes more than coolers. It also offers camp chairs, packs, totes, water bottles, and many other items. The first store to open outside the State of Texas where the company is located at 360 King Street in Charleston, South Carolina.

The 5,000-square-foot retail establishment is located downtown. Besides offering Yeti products, the store is designed to encourage customers to get outdoors and enjoy nature. The store features an adventure-themed décor, such as surfboards, paintings, maps, and photography. Inventory is set up with rows of double-wall steel bottles, coolers, and bags of every color and style offered by Yeti.

Besides the traditional items, the store sells Yeti swag, such as T-shirts, hats, and bags. About 20 percent of the store consists of a bar, which uses Yeti drinkware for serving up sodas and beer. This way, visitors can try the merchandise before they buy it.

Future Plans For Yeti Stores

The Charleston store is a 100-year-old building on a popular street in a fashionable neighborhood, so it has exposure to the customer base and, also fits the aesthetics of the brand. Yeti plans to expand even more, with stores planned for Chicago and Denver, and stores expected to open as soon as August of 2019.

Plans are to have a national chain of company stores, and that might even expand to an international level later with locations around the world.

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