We have all encountered them and they are the kind of person we dread meeting. Killjoys. They deliberately spoil the enjoyment of others through overly sober or resentful actions and behavior. Killjoys are often unhappy with themselves and with their own lives, so they cannot bear to see others be happy and enjoy their own lives.

What to do about Killjoys

When you encounter a killjoy, don’t let them get the best of you. You must stand up for yourself and get control of the situation. You should always stay optimistic and don’t let killjoys ruin the mood. When at all possible, avoid killjoys or end your relationship with them.

If you must be around a killjoy, you should work to make sure they don’t destroy your mood or negatively affect the behaviors and actions of those around you. It is important to not let the “Debbie Downer” attitude spread and get others on board.


Stay Optimistic

It is important to stay optimistic. Look for the good in things and stay focused on attaining your goals. When you stay focused and work diligently, you can overcome the situation and avoid the resentful actions and inappropriate behaviors of killjoys that you encounter.

Come up with a plan that works for taking on killjoys and how to ensure they don’t get the best of you or ruin your plans and/or situation. You can focus on encouraging others, so they overcome the situation and strive to stay optimistic as well. Don’t let a killjoy take the joy out of any situation.

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