Like everything else in our lives, web development has undergone many changes in the last few years. Development of new technology and new techniques has given a new shape and dimension to web development. Here are some of the important ways in which web development has undergone metamorphosis in recent times.

Traditionally, a web developer was a programmer having deep knowledge of web applications. He was also assumed to have knowledge of various programming languages such as Java, HTML, Ruby, PHP, and C.

Multiple font options are available

If one looks at websites that were popular around 2008, he finds that there were just a few standard font options available to a web developer. There are lots and lots of options available to web developers nowadays. But this has also become a problem for them as client expectations have increased and they do not want any kind of repetitions.

GIFs and HD images

Fast loading of websites was not a problem in earlier times for web developers. But now they must deal with not just large images but also images in HD and still manage to have a fast loading website. They realize the importance of images for their clients and have come up with innovative ways to seamlessly integrate these images and GIF’s in the websites of their clients.

Integration of social media

In the good old times when there was no social media, web developers were happy to focus on designing and developing websites for their clients. Now that social media is omnipresent, every client wants seamless integration of his website with various social media platforms. Today, Facebooking has become an everyday task for a clear majority of people and they have become used to receiving viral news on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook much before their favorite TV channels. Now web developers must create a perfect social media strategy for their clients without being told so specifically by them.

Less dependence on meta tags

Web developers nowadays do not need to be highly proficient in HTML as they now have drag and drop facility to easily create a website. Though meta tags are still used by them, they are not attached great importance as was the case a decade ago. Google still looks for meta tags, but its importance has declined over the years.

Web developers today have many different options to create a stunning website. They can use them to give the kind of experience visitors expect from popular websites.

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