Netflix is constantly adding new shows, many of whichare popular. Because there are shows with many themes and topics, it might bechallenging to choose which shows to watch. Here are a few of the best optionsfor those who enjoy any genre.

Drama on Netflix

When it comes to dramatic serious, one of the favorites is “The Haunting of Hill House.” This show began with Hugh Craingathering up all his children and running from his gothic mansion just leaving his wife, Olivia, behind. Olivia dies that night – and her death is ruled a suicide. The tabloids start running stories about the haunted Hill House. The five children all grow up dealing with their traumatic experience in very different ways, whether it is to write a successful account of the Hill House’shaunting or abusing substances to numb the trauma and pain. After reaching adulthood, the children are barely on speaking terms until they are forced back together and back to Hill House after a tragedy.

Comedy on Netflix

“American Vandal” might make newcomers think they are watching a crime story because of the ominous setup of the show. It is based on the storyline of a student, Dylan, being accused of spray-painting male bodyparts on the high school faculty’s cars. Since he is known for his pranks, he is expelled. There is one student, Peter, who works on the school’s morning show thinks that Dylan is not guilty as charged and he sets out to redeem him. The case then becomes strange and hilarious. It is the perfect parody of a true crime story.

Sci-Fi on Netflix

“Altered Carbon” is an adaptation of a Richard K.Morgan cyberpunk novel. Set hundreds of years in the future, when humanity has created the technology to allow a person’s consciousness to be downloaded onto computers. This technology allows people to be transferred into new bodies, which are called sleeves, so they can become immortal, just so long as they have the money to do so.

Action and Mystery on Netflix

The “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” focuses on the town of Greendale, where it seems to be Halloween year-round. Teen witchSabrina resides here, practicing dark acts and being a normal high school student. She is enjoying life as a witch and as a mortal until her 16th birthday when she must cast off her mortal life when she signs her soul over to the Dark Lord.

Reality TV on Netflix

“Dark Tourist” features on travelers who don’t go in search of famous landmarks and fancy restaurants, but those who search out the most macabre locations of the world. David Farrier’s travel series takes visitors to places such as the Catacombs and sites that are associated with disaster, war, and even death.

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