Some people believe respect must be earned while others believe everyone deserves respect. A lot of time respect applies to those in management roles. Sometimes the supervisor complains that their employees fail to give them the respect that they deserve. There has been the assumption that because one was another’s supervisor, the higher person should be treated with respect and differently.

There is a difference in control and respect. There is a difference between deserving respect and earning it. Being a motivator doesn’t have anything to do with your position but with your behavior and actions. The same goes for respect. If you want respect, it isn’t automatic. Instead, it comes because of your actions and behavior. You should be consistent and treat everyone the same.

You cannot treat employees or coworkers differently or you will look two-faced and lose the respect of others. To earn respect, you must earn their trust. Be a person of your word, doing what you say. You want people to feel safe working with you and obeying your orders. When they feel that way, they will trust you and believe in you. When you are respected by your coworkers and employees, you will have a much more pleasant work environment and productivity will increase.


To earn respect, treat others fairly and don’t have favorites. Also, you must trust and respect others if you want them to trust and respect you. If you want to have people listen to you, then you need to do everything that you can to earn their respect and engage their attention.

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