Many people complain about kids playing video games, but did you know gaming has its benefits as well. While it isn’t recommended to play games hours on end, there are many cognitive benefits of playing video games. Here are just a few:

  • Improves coordination – When someone is playing a video game, they aren’t staring at the computer inactively, they are getting mental stimulation from the screen’s activities. The player will need to coordinate physical, audial, and visual movements.
  • Problem-solving skills – Every video game has its own specific rules. Because of these rules, the player must think before making his or her next move, so they are within the game’s rules and so they don’t lose the game. Fast decisions will help determine if he or she advances in the game.
  • Memory – Gaming requires attentiveness and can enhance visual and audial memory. Anyone playing the game must listen to or read the instructions, which are usually only given at the start of the game. Those rules and instructions must be remembered. Mastering the movements on the controller or keyboard will help your character throughout the game and will improve your short-term and long-term memory.
  • Concentration and Attentiveness – Action games have been shown to capture the attention of the player throughout the entire game. The player must achieve specific goals and objectives to advance to the next level. This helps improve attention and concentration levels.
  • Learning – Video games can help children, teens, and adults. Video games can be incorporated into a teaching methodology, so the children will improve academic skills. There are games specifically aimed at certain subjects and specifically aimed at enhancing creative and cognitive skills.
  • The Speed of the Brain – Gaming sends multiple stimulations to the brain, which are both audial and visual in nature. Those who play video games more frequently can process these kinds of stimulators more readily and more quickly than others. These stimulators will make sure the brain is working continuously, so it can interpret them.
  • Multitasking Skills – You need to be observant for action games. You will need to move your controller as you watch the different features, such as oncoming adversaries, your energy level, your ammunition, time remaining, and other features, all of which are vital to your success. Multitasking makes sure the player can react and observe as required to win that specific game.
  • Social skills – Many games have many players engaging in a game simultaneously. These games require constant communication between the players. This communication through online gaming creates meaningful and casual relationships. Players can meet new friends while strengthening relationships with old friends while playing video games together.

If you don’t have a gaming console already, you might want to consider getting a PlayStation, X-Box, or Wii to help you pass the time.

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