Exact Sciences has inked a deal with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to promote Cologuard, a diagnostic test to detect colon cancer. Cologuard is the first noninvasive DNA screening method to detect the presence of colon cancer in patients. It has also been approved by the FDA.

Pfizer will join hands with the team members of Exact Sciences in reaching out to the health system and the physicians. Both companies will also actively collaborate in deepening the marketing campaign to popularize Cologuard.

FDA approved noninvasive DNA screening method

Colon cancer has been spreading at an alarming rate across the United States even though it is very much preventable. At present, it is the 2nd leading cause of death because of cancer with nearly 50,000 deaths reported every year across the country. 90% of the patients detected with colon cancer survive for 5 years if it is in stage 1 or 2. However, only 10% of the patients can survive for 5 years if the disease is diagnosed at stage 4.

This is the reason why efforts are required to detect colon cancer at an early stage. Cologuard presents an easy and affordable way to detect this cancer among patients. Therefore, Pfizer has joined hands with Exact Sciences to promote this test and make it popular among the masses.

Exact Sciences and Pfizer

Exact Sciences is excited about this partnership

Kevin Conroy, who is the Chairman and CEO of Exact Sciences, has welcomed the collaboration of his company with Pfizer. He says that this partnership will be a turning point in the fight against colon cancer in the United States. He adds that colon cancer is a disease that can be eradicated if it is detected at an early stage.

The experience and resources of Pfizer will prove beneficial in raising awareness about Cologuard among the masses. Together, Exact Sciences and Pfizer can help in reducing the numbers of tragic deaths that are taking place across the country because of colon cancer.

According to the details that have emerged out about this agreement between and , all manufacturing and laboratory operations will be handled by Exact Sciences. However, Pfizer will share the gross profits from the sale of Cologuard because of its efforts in marketing and promotion. According to an estimate, Pfizer will spend nearly $65 million on the marketing for Cologuard over the next 3 years.

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