So you want to build a new home but home building can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t hire the right person for the job. Branton Builders is an example of crappy contractors and the crappy work they perform.

Branton Builders

We do NOT recommend Branton Builders. They were over budget, rarely on time, paid no attention to details, the lack of quality is unbelievable. Nothing better to come home to employees hungover and passed out on the floor and chew spit all over the subfloor.

  • Trim work was just crap, too many nail holes and not finished
  • Split trim with nails sticking out
  • Four different colors of wood putty for one piece of wood
  • Cabinets banged up
  • Carpet stained
  • House and yard left a mess, still finding trash a year later
  • Wholes in the siding
  • Yard not graded
  • Improper draining caused the yard to wash away several times
  • Downspout not fully attached
  • Patches in the drywall that are not completed
  • They used their fingers to fill in the drywall holes
  • The exterior doors do not shut completely
  • the list goes on.

The project started in June of 2017, we are still waiting for Branton Builders to complete this project.  We were always told someone would be working on our house and we would have no shows, never on time, or would only work for a few hours. Please take the time and read your contractors reviews, testimonials or ratings. Just make sure they are not a crappy contractor like Branton Builders.

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