The Best on NETFLIX


Netflix is constantly adding new shows, many of whichare popular. Because there are shows with many themes and topics, it might bechallenging to choose which shows to watch. Here are a few of the best optionsfor those who enjoy any genre. Drama on Netflix When it comes to dramatic serious, one of the favorites is “The Haunting of Hill House.” This show…

OZARK season 2 starts August 31st


In just one season, Ozark has developed a huge fan following. It made a huge splash when it was aired for the first time but the real reason behind its popularity lies in the word of mouth. Between July and October 2017, Ozark became the most popular drama series on Netflix, having received 16.7 million demand impressions. The finale of season 1 was so dramatic that it left fans of this series asking for more. Millions of Netflix users have been waiting patiently for the announcement of the beginning of the 2nd season of this gripping drama series. Now the news of 2nd season has finally come out.