If you are planning for your future, Vanguard Investments might offer a great way to grow your portfolio. Vanguard offers various investment options that include stocks, cash, bonds, hybrids, alternative, other investments, and opportunities. Most of those who invest divide their portfolios between bonds and stocks, then leave a small cash portion.

There are many kinds of bonds and stocks to offer various levels of rewards and risks. There are other kinds of investment options that add complexity and risks, while those options might benefit some people, they may not be right for everyone. Vanguard Investments helps you be smart with your money and plan for retirement as well.

Risk and Return

Investment prices might fluctuate, so expect lows and highs. The fluctuations can affect the value or net worth of your shares at any time. Investing, which includes taking risks, can give your money the chance to grow so it can maintain its purchasing power. The asset mix you choose plays a significant role in your exposure to risk and your portfolio performance.

Choosing the Best Vanguard Investments

You should take the time to consider your investment goal, your timeframe for needing the funds, and your risk tolerance when determining the best asset mix for your specific needs. There are different classes of assets, bonds, stocks, and cash, to create a balanced portfolio. Once you know the best target asset mix for your needs, you can choose the best individual investments that you can keep in your portfolio.

Vanguard Investments

Choosing a Vanguard Account

While many people save for retirement, you can open a non-retirement account. There are different kinds of non-retirement accounts. A UGMA/UTMA is a taxable account you can open and maintain on behalf of a minor, a 529 savings plan can help you reach your education savings goals, and a taxable account can help you save for purposes such as buying a home or a new car.

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